The school parking lot gets very busy during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times! Here's your How-To Guide to keep traffic flowing and - more importantly - keep kids safe:

  1. Drive down 144th Place SE and into the lower lot, yielding to buses as you go. 
  2. In the center parking area (where cars are parked on both sides), form TWO lines of cars. Keep your kids buckled. 
  3. At the end of the parking area (before the turn), merge into a single-file line against the right-hand curb.
  4. Wait until you get to the Parent Drop Zone (shown below in yellow). Pull all the way forward if there is a large opening. 
  5. Put your car in park, have your kids unbuckle themselves and exit out the passenger side to the curb (NOT the driver's side). Parents should stay in the car. If your kids need help getting unbuckled, wave over a staff member to help your little one. 
  6. Look carefully, then exit the parking lot single file in the right lane. 

At afternoon pick-up, wait inside your car in the yellow Parent Drop Zone. Write your child's first and last name large on a sheet of paper and place/tape it in the windshield so staff can help direct your child to you. 

Do NOT drop off kids outside the Parent Drop Zone. There is no crossing guard this year to help kids cross the street or parking lot safely.

Please show patience to the many drivers who may be new to this process, and help our kids start and end their day feeling calm and supported.

Questions? Call the school office! They can help figure out how to best unload your big family, littlest kids, or other unique challenges.